Our Greenhouses will be opening April 27th! 

The year 2024 is our 21st year having our own greenhouses and growing and designing our very own flower baskets and potted arrangements.  We take great pride in creating our very own unique arrangements and giving the plants lots of TLC!

Please come see us during the Mother’s Day and Memorial Day holiday (or earlier, as lots of folks do!) for the largest selection of beautiful begonias, petunias, impatiens, mandevillas, geraniums, and so many other varieties for both hot sun and cool shade. We also enjoy experimenting with the newest of varieties that become available annually.  New varieties that give us great performance and the high quality we are looking for will then become a regular for us to have available here at Country Bumpkin, so that YOU TOO, will have great success with your flowers!

When we open for the 2024 season on April 27th, we will be happy to hold any flower baskets you would like for your summer decorating or gift giving.  Just have us place a tag with your name on the basket, and while the weather is still too cool outside, we will continue to nurture your flowers until you feel comfortable to have them at your home.  We hold a lot of baskets for lots of folks and are happy to provide this service.  We will also save your favorite 3″ and 4″ transplants that you choose for making your own arrangements!

We take pride in raising healthy plants and arranging them in true-to-size 10-inch, 12-inch, and the larger 14-inch baskets, 16-inch or larger flower pots, and 16-inch or larger Austrum coconut designer baskets.   The more soil a basket holds, the longer the life of your flowers.   We also take care to make sure our combination of flowers in each basket or pot will grow well together, look good together throughout the season, and like the same exposure whether full hot sun or the cooler semi-sun or complete shade.

Another service we provide is replanting decorative flower baskets and pots, and coconut baskets.  These are expensive containers that can easily have a 5-year life or longer, so why buy new when these only need new fresh soil, fertilizer, and plants?  We can even store your containers in our greenhouses over the winter so they are ready for us to replant in March.

During the months of March and April is when we complete all of our new container greenhouse plantings.  So, when our flower baskets and arrangements are sold and gone, they are gone until next year.  We will continue doing replanting of customer baskets and pots during the month of May, for as long as we still have great choices of loose flowers available.

Some tips for healthy flowers :

Always water your flowers daily for optimum beauty and long life, and fertilize monthly.  We do add osmocote slow-release fertilizer to all our containers along with soil -moist pellets to hold water between waterings, but a little extra fertilizer will give your plants the edge to still look good all through September and into October.  Watering daily or twice a day when it is extremely hot will save them from becoming stressed, which is a shock to their systems and damages their roots.  It’s a good idea to NOT fertilize during extremely hot weather either.  That just adds more stress to the plants.

If at times, your plants do show signs of wilting, do not worry.  Give them a nice drink of water, and you should see them make a full recovery within an hour.  This means no damage has been done to the roots.  And careful with the fertilizer (!!) — too much can do more damage than not fertilizing them at all.
If you have any questions please call 608-254-2311
We look forward to seeing you!